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New Flavors

Cherry Cherry 1oz Strawberry Strawberry 1oz

Watermelon Watermelon 1oz New Flavors 1oz POP

Toy Fever Toy Breeze aqua_sensitive_8oz hybrid_8oz

aqua_heat_4oz aqua_chill_4oz wicked_jelle_8oz peppermint_cocoa_bottle

  Foam 'n Fresh Pleasers

Pink Lemonade 2oz Pink Lemonade 4oz Sweet Peach 2oz Sweet Peach 4oz

Candy Apple 2oz Candy Apple 4oz Cherry Cordial 2oz Cherry Cordial 4oz

Cinnamon Bun 2oz Cinnamon Bun 4oz Mocha Java 2oz Mocha Java 4oz

Pomegranate 2oz Pomegranate 2oz Salted Caramel 2oz Salted Caramel 4oz

Vanilla Bean 2oz Vanilla Bean 4oz b2b_chill_thumb b2b_heat_thumb

b2b_cleene_thumb b2b_jelle_thumb b2b_ot_thumb b2b_toylove_thumb

b2b_sensitive_thumb b2b_sensitive_thumb b2b_creme_thumb b2b_creme2_thumb

b2b_aqua_4_thumb b2b_ultra_4_thumb b2b_ultra_2_thumb Awaken

Wicked Hybrid b2b_aqua_2_thumb b2b_teasersbox_thumb b2b_teasers_thumb

b2b_teasersbox_thumb Pleasers Display Jelle Heat Jelle Chill

Product Group Photos

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Posters – 24×36 (PDF Format)

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Print Ads (PDF Format)

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AVN Award Winner  Elegant Ad

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Website Slides – High Quality
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Product Sales Sheets (PDFs)

Jelle Heat
Jelle Chill
Wicked® AQUA Flavors
Wicked® AQUA Fragrance Free
Wicked® AQUA Sensitive
Wicked Teasers
Toy Love
Ultra Fragrance Free

b2b portal The Wicked Sensual Care line of features the highest quality lubricants. This includes the water-based Aqua collection, silicone-based Ultra collection, men’s and women’s products, flavored lubes for oral pleasures, and specialty lubes for better sex. Jelle, an anal lube featuring a super thick viscosity in a glycerin free formula, is never sticky or tacky. The important thing to remember is that it contains no desensitizers – which are especially important for the health and safety of anal play. It provides the right amount of ‘cushion’ for an extremely pleasurable experience, better than any other personal lubricant. Heat and Chill sensations are available with either a water based or silicone base. Aqua and Ultra Heat lets the fire build as waves of warmth stimulate and excite. Aqua and Ultra Chill sensations chill, thrill, and satisfy. Products for men that improve better sex include Crème and OverTime to help will all male lubricant needs. Crème is a high quality masturbation crème, helping to provide the smoothest and most pleasurable masturbation experience. OverTime helps desensitizes the penis, for those men who want to last longer. Women’s products include Awaken and Toy Love. Awaken is a clitoral stimulation lube with a gel like texture, which will stimulate the most sensitive area of a woman’s body, and take her to new heights. Toy Love is ideal for toy play, as it’s super thick texture means it stays on the toy, and doesn’t leave a mess afterwards. For those who want some delicious oral fun, try flavored lubes like Candy Apple, Mocha Java, and Cinnamon Bun, which are kissable, lickable, and edible. There are seven flavors available for all palates who enjoy elegant clitorial stimulation and b2b portal upscale classy foreplay. To clean up after playtime, Cleene and Foam N’ Fresh have natural ingredients like Lavender, Thyme, and Olive Leaf Extract, unlike any other toy cleaners out there. The entire Sensual Care Collection is designed to tantalize and heighten all of your senses for an incredible b2b portal journey of sensuality.

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