Water, Silicone or Oil? Which lube is best for you?

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Water, Silicone, & Oil Based Lubes – Which one is right for you?


Water, silicone, and oil based lubes are not the same thing – that part is obvious, but when should you use a silicone-based lubricant versus a water-based one? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? And what’s all this about oil?


The most widely used personal lubricants are water-based and water soluble, such as items included in the Wicked® AQUA line. A good rule of thumb is: use water-based products with latex, adult toys, and sexual aids. Water-based products will not harm these materials, are easy to clean up, and help keep your intimate products sanitary and safe.


Water-based Wicked® AQUA products are paraben free and safe for all latex products and toy materials. Unlike many other water-based lubricants, our special formulation, using the finest natural ingredients, is extremely long lasting yet absorbs easily into the skin, leaving no sticky residue. And each product is so silky smooth you will be surprised that it isn’t silicone!


Silicone-based lubricants, such as items from the Wicked Sensual Care Ultra line, are a little different. These types of lubricants stay on the skin’s surface and are not easily dissolved or dispersed in water. Consequently, they create excellent slip-and-slide, last longer than water-based products and are ideal for intimate moments in the shower, bath, and beyond. Silicone lubes may stain delicate fabrics and require a little more clean up than water based lubes, but using mild soap and water will do the trick.


Wicked Ultra has a clean, simple formula – 100% pure silicone. They are tasteless, fragrance-free, do not contain glycerin or parabens, and offer an intensely luxurious, slippery smooth feel. And, unlike many other silicone-based products, Wicked Ultras’ are safe for use with latex and are compatible with most high quality toy materials.  We recommend always spot testing your toys  before use when introducing a new lubricant.   (be mindful – other silicone-based products may damage latex and toys!)


Finally, there are oil-based lubricants. Oil-based lubricants, such as baby oil, mineral oil, petroleum jelly and vegetable oils, are thicker and heavier than water and silicone based products. While these types of lubricants may be desirable for those hoping to avoid additives, certain preservatives, parabens, and/or glycerin, they may also increase the risk of bacterial infections – remember: oil is not for use inside the vagina! Further, although they can provide excellent glide and cushion and can be suitable for male masturbation, oil-based products are not as easy to clean up as water and silicone lubes and oil can also damage toys and degrade latex.


Take a moment to think about your wants and needs. Be honest about your desires, be mindful of health, and – most importantly – enjoy!

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