With a quick Google search, you’ll find many articles telling you what you “must have” for your vacation this summer. But what they all seem to be missing is the stuff you’ll really WANT once you’re there; romantic walks on the beach, watching the sun set, and sippin’ on pina coladas with your special someone. This is the list of romantic needs for when the moment strikes. Check out these 5 Wicked Sensual Care products we think should make it into your suitcase this summer.
    1) Wicked Aqua :

    This is truly the ‘never leave home without it’ lubricant. Here’s why we love it:
    • It’s water-based: This means it’s super user-friendly. It washes off easily with just water, won’t stain that expensive lingerie you brought along, and can be used along with any and all toys you managed to get through airport security.
    • It defies logic: Water-based lubes usually need constant re-applying and tend to get sticky and tacky. Not this one! You’ll be amazed and relieved how a little goes a long way, all the while maintaining its silky smooth feel.
    • It comes with an assurance policy: We have thought through each and every ingredient in our formulas, and we’ve added this little gem to give you that extra peace of mind: Olive leaf extract. It acts as a natural ‘bio-static’ and helps to curb the spread of bacteria and yeast-causing fungus. Because the last thing you want to deal with on your romantic getaway is any of that. You’re welcome.
    2) Wicked Ultra:

    Your new favorite lube for all of your water play needs. Have you tried getting it on in water before? It’s not as sexy or easy as it appears to be on screen. Until now.
    Ultra is our silicone based lubricant and the only option for sexy jaunts in the shower, Jacuzzi tub, or that late night skinny dipping session. Ultra gives you a water-resistant, silky smooth glide that makes it all possible. Just wait until you see the difference it makes.
    3) Wicked Flavored Lubricants:

    Skip the calorie-packed dessert on the menu in favor of making each other the evening’s after dinner treat!

    So much yes when it comes to Wicked Sensual Care flavored lubricants! Here’s just a couple to tempt you:
    • They’re ummm….yummmm! With flavors to choose from like Candy Apple, Salted Caramel, and our two NEW summer releases: Pink Lemonade and Sweet Peach, we’re not sure you’ll be coming back from paradise with any left. We’ve mastered the art of flavored lubes. Your taste buds and your partner will thank you, we promise.
    • They’re also sweetened with Stevia, which is all natural and diabetic friendly.

    4) Wicked Awaken: Want to see fireworks? Enjoy the sensations as well as the show.

    Awaken is formulated to stoke the fire and lead you to a greater depth of orgasm. Yes, please! Packed with herbal aphrodisiacs to enhance libido and natural ingredients that provide waves of cooling and warming sensations to excite, you are in for a treat! Fair warning, you may want to pack two of these.

    5) Wicked Creme : Just when you thought you packed all you need…

    This coconut oil based cream is all that and then some. Let us explain: Formulated with skin-loving ingredients like coconut and sweet almond oils, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, we’ve crafted the perfect stroking cream. It provides slip and enhances sensation, but – and this is important- you won’t lose the friction you’re used to when providing pleasure with your hands. Solo or partner play, Crème is magical!
    And just so we’re clear, you’ve also just found your favorite hand and body cream. You’ll be on vacation after all and will need some skin soothing moisturizer beyond the bedroom. Who doesn’t love a product with multiple uses!
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    Overtime – when less is more…


    We’ve all been there…


    When a man reaches the peak of his sexual pleasure sooner than he, and perhaps his partner, would like. Sometimes, it’s just part of the game – when sexual tension is so great and passion burns so hot, you just can’t hold on… But other times, if a man regularly ejaculates a little early, his sexual sensitivity may be getting in the way of extended intimacy.


    Ejaculation occurring prematurely – before intercourse begins or shortly thereafter – is a common sexual complaint. According to the Mayo clinic, as many as 1 in 3 men may experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives.


    But what’s to be done about it?


    One option is to explore is the use of a desensitizing lubricant, cream, or spray. Desensitizers contain a mild anesthetic (7.5 – 10% benzocaine) that causes a temporary numbing sensation after being applied to the skin. This helps men keep their erections and avoid premature ejaculation. But is there such a thing as too much desensitization?


    Enter Wicked Sensual Care’s Overtime delay cream for men.


    Overtime is a mild desensitizer – unlike other “maximum strength” formulas on the market, Overtime works with just 5% benzocaine, helping you to achieve the perfect balance between too sensitive… and not sensitive enough!


    In an instance where less may definitely be more, Overtime helps you tone down the sensitivity, while still allowing you to enjoy the moment.


    But Overtime is not just a densensitizer – it’s also a prolonger. For those looking to go into overtime on purpose, our mild formula is the perfect referee. Give yourself – and your partner – a little extra time to create the most wickedly intimate moments.


    Overtime is the only desensitizing product in the Wicked Sensual Care line, and some caution should be used with it (and all other prolongers).


    Make sure to take care if you have allergies to or experience sensitivities with topical anesthetics, and avoid penetration until Overtime is fully absorbed into the skin (generally 5 – 10 minutes, though times may vary). Further, keep in mind that Overtime will (temporarily!) desensitize other areas of the body – be careful to avoid contact with lips and other intimate areas… unless you’re looking to prolong your experience in other ways.


    If premature ejaculation occurs regularly or is a significant issue regularly affecting your sexual experiences, the best course of action is consultation with a physician.


    We recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented on this website – always read labels, warnings, directions, and other information provided with any product before using it. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.

    What is Sensuality?

    Sensuality refers to indulgence – indulgence in any form of sensual pleasure… to be aroused by things of beauty, luxury and refinement… to be aware of and explore the world, life, and love with all the senses. Though we often think of sensuality as being purely sexual, the pleasures that can be derived from sensory stimuli are multi-layered – the tastes that tantalize us, the aromas that excite us, the textures that make us tremble… as well as all the stirring sensual pleasures we’ve yet to explore.


    Sensuality is intensely personal. And while it is important to leave no sense unturned, it is also important to indulge in what arouses you. Make sensuality your own – luxuriate in those things capable of igniting any and all of your body’s five senses. Think about what moves you… Is it the smell of blossom-scented summer air? The sound of beautiful music? Is it the sight of your lover? Perhaps the taste of their skin?


    The Wicked Sensual Care Collection is designed to heighten the sensual dimensions of sight, smell, touch, and taste. The rest is up to your imagination…